Two- components Stoppani Glasstop Enamel-White

€ 26.20

Two- components Stoppani Glasstop Enamel-White

Stoppani Glasstop. Enamel with polyurethane bright finish, two-components and based on polyester resin. Recommended for the painting concerning the yachting sector above the waterline (standstill work), equipped with high mechanical features, and high resistance to atmospheric agents. Glasstop is a line of two-component polyurethane enamels of new concept, ideal for high value finishing of Yachts and sailboats. Excellent stability in brilliance and purity of color, absolutely non-yellowing, resistant even to the most extreme environmental conditions. It is applied on steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, PVC and ceramic that are suitably treated. To be completed with the Glasstop Hardner catalyst. Color: white. Open or save the attachment to see the data sheet .

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