Tv Glomex Talitha V9125/12 Antenna

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Tv Glomex Talitha V9125/12 Antenna

The V9125 /12 is renewed in design and performance, in continuity with the essential style which has always been appreciated for its ability to integrate itself extremely well on all types of boat, by keeping at the same time a compact measures (diameter 250 mm./10") and building materials of very high quality. Talitha is featured by an innovative design thanks to the new appendix to "shark fin shaped" (high 31 mm /1,2 "), for the reception of signals in vertical polarization, which is perfectly integrated on the upper radome thanks to new aerodynamic lines specially studied. Thanks to the vertical stylus inserted inside the "shark fin", Talitha allows the reception of analog -digital television signals in both polarizations, horizontal and vertical, for this reason it is the ideal solution for any type of boat, sailing or motor boat. Talitha is a TV omnidirectional antenna equipped with the 50023/98EC amplifier which allows to adjust the intensity of the gain on the received signal. If combined with a splitter V9147 (2 way, optional) installed between the antenna and the amplifier, it can also receive the AM-FM radio frequencies.


ID 4808 Tv Glomex Talitha V9125/12 Antenna

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